[[hover on picture for links :D]] (The following bio has been written by Anons. Thank you Anons. You sure know me.) "I'm an artist who's way to obsessed with cartoons. I'm cry cry, so if you follow me it's ok to question my sanity! I'm catbug, raven, feferi, phoebe, korra, melvin from ygotas, and robin's left ass cheek." THAT IS ALL. :D

" Tell me, is it new?"

"No, but do read it aloud. I am quite fond of it…"

I imagine the library containing past, present, and future information once it was sealed off to the human world. Stories would just show up randomly, and it’s comforting to read for the scholar.

This was also me testing out Painter for the first time…ohmygoshIdonotlikeitsofar.