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Avatar: The Last Airbender Documentary (Full) - Avatar Spirits 

For those who have never taken the time to watch this documentary, I STRONGLY urge you to do so now. It’s near ridiculous how much effort these men have put into their work, along with both the crews of atla and lok. After watching this, you will see why being pulled from the air is such a big deal. 

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This show got really deep fast.

this is like marxist theory of labor jesus CHRIST

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has anyone ever fallen in love with your eyebrows alone? (cause I'm getting there)

Get there already. (´・v・)


Voice Actors and Actresses from Avatar The Last Airbender who came back with new characters in The Legend of Korra.

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Have some baby sky bison on your blog!

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I just wanna say thanks for existing :3

Aw I can’t take the credit. That’s all my parents … and their ‘mistake’ that one night.


Birthmark AU

Raven’s been trying to hide it all this time, and the Titans soon find out. But the girls find out first, and they do everything in their power to defend her and, most importantly:

keep her away from Slade.

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Did you bleach your hair at a salon or did you do it yourself?

My mom and I did it. Only problem was that we didn’t go get the right ‘number’ of some liquid thing and I had to bleach my hair twice…

I must now maintain and control my hair for a while now or else.

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You are quite literally the only Tumblr that I check on obsessively.

that’s what I like to hear yo’